This page is dedicated to my beloved fans.
They send me lovely letters telling me that if I don't pay the money they'll rip out my intestines and sell them on the black market.
Without their motivating and inspiring words, and the usual anthrax they send me, I would not be the man I am today.

So thank you fans, thank you.

Want to send in YOUR fan art?
Shoot me an e-mail at:

The charming Felix Colgrave drew me and Zalmoxis dissecting a dolphin with hammers in a carboniferous swamp.
Why? Long story.
Felix is a gifted young gentleman and I highly recommend watching his flash movie "The Pigpen"

For a better and bigger version of this work please go here

This incredibly lovely piece is made by BizarroJoe
It's based on a scene of my flash animation "Blek Koffi"
If you wanna see more stuff like this then be sure to check out his gallery.

For a bigger version of this work, please click here

Lovely fanart of Anusboy by my good friend Camille Aragon!
She made it years ago and I finally added it to this page.
I sure am a slow add wanker.

You can see more of her lovely art here.

This mighty talented youngin named Stinger drew this, based on a gif of me riding a clown.
Check out his other amazing ms paint creations over here